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Winterizing the Garden

Winterizing the Garden

It’s upon us, winter that is.  For those of us in the Midwest it has been a short fall and a cold, rainy one at that.  As I am still working (soon to retire) I find it all I can do to get out on the weekends to gather the leaves, cut back the flowers and clean the gutters.  The vegetable garden long since dug up and thrown in the compost, a few Kale and cabbage just because I find it hard to let go of the food it all provides.  Frost is heavy in the mornings, which leaves an eerie beauty in its wake.  A kind of quite seems to settle over the earth as we all await the cold blanket of snow that is surely to come.  A cold wind wants to seal the deal of the inevitable.  And yet there is beauty as I look out upon my now winterized yard, the flowers all put to bed, the bags of leaves at the curb.  Maybe it is because I know that God will bring forth another season, another round of food for nourishment in the coming months and days and the beauty of the flowers that will bloom in the spring.  And for all of this, I am truly thankful.  May Father God bless and keep you all as we give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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