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     Years ago when I was but a young girl we lived on a farm with a large garden and it was big enough to feed a family of five. I hated it. I, like my brothers had to help plant and harvest with endless weeding in between. Fast forward 20 years and I’m living in the city with a patch of grass about the size of door and I decide to plant some tulips. Well folks, that was it, I was hooked. I still live in the city but now own a home with a much larger yard and have gone back to my roots (no pun intended) to growing my own vegetables and flowers galore. As urban gardening is fast growing in popularity along with living a sustainable life, I’ve learned that the love of gardening is simply the feel of the earth in your hands and satisfaction of watching the miracle of seed to plant to table.             

     What we hated as a child we now long to get back to, that time of slow summer days, finding dare I say it, pulling weeds somehow therapeutic? A shovel, gardening gloves and flat full of seedlings are all that I need to bring me joy. Now being a gardener isn’t all full of fun and games. There is the ever present garden pests, animals and creeping charlie “shudder” that continue to threaten even the best of gardening moods. But after 20 plus years when I first planted those tulips I can honestly say… I’m a gardener.

While there are many gardening resources out there here are some of my personal favorite sites:

Garden supply
Rodale’s Organic Life

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