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Daylilies – Summertime is Here!

There is something about the emerging and blooming of the beautiful Daylily that makes me think…Summertime is here.  You’d think it would be the ever scorching hot weather along with those pesky things called mosquitos.  Or perhaps the tomatoes growing big and green on the vine but nope for me, it’s the Daylily.

The crazy thing about these beauties is that they don’t really last very long.  At least not the garden variety that I have in my flower beds.  In their toughness you can divide the living heck out of them, plant them in the worst soils imaginable and still year after year they bloom in those beautiful pink or orange colors for what feels like a minute in time.  I’ve seen them growing in highway ditches as well as the most glorious of all flower beds with their long thin like leaves and orange heads of bloom opening wide for the pollen gatherers of world to come take some nourishment.  How wonderful that God has designed such a flower for all to see and to have, if only for a short while.

From what I’ve read there are well over 350 varieties of these wondrous flowers. I happen to love Gardener’s Supply and they have a great article on how to grow Daylilies.  It’s much easier than you think and I’ve divided mine many times over to put in other places in the garden so they really are a great economical flower. They are a perennial which is the best because that means they come up year after year.  How awesome is that?  So what are you waiting for?  Go on and get some Daylilies for your garden this season.  You’ll be happy you did.


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